The best bread is baked with a good conscience

Meet two successful bakers from Sweden

In these films, Adam Söderström, Coach for the Swedish National team for bakers and Ått Söderström, the Swedish Baker of the year 2017, share their thoughts on baking.


Take part in our baking quiz. The first prize is an annual consumption of baking paper!

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Golden Natural Greaseproof is recommended by the Swedish National baking team.

Flour Clap

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"We need to have the best equipments to be able to perform as well as possible”

Adam Söderström
Coach for the Swedish National team for bakers
Adam Söderström pours flour

The Natural Choice – Golden Greaseproof

Do you know if the paper that you use every day contains fluorochemicals (PFAS)? If the answer is no, then ask your supplier! If the baking paper comes from Nordic Paper, you can relax – we only produce paper that is good for both people and the environment.

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Our paper is made exclusively from natural raw materials. We add no chemicals or other foreign substances. That is why our paper is perfectly suited for use with food products. We also take responsibility for the environment in many different ways. Read more about Natural Greaseproof Paper,